• Wine Tasting in Paris : Taste french wine like a Parisian

  • Why go for Wine Tasting in Paris?

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    Wine tasting in Paris offers you a wide variety of French wines and wine tasting classes in English. This is mainly for visitors who are coming to Paris for a tour. Get to improve your wine tasting skills by trying out different wines in an intimate group or during a private trip. You learn more about French wines and how they get labelled. You can even discover the wine bars in a Parisian neighbourhood. All these skills will come in handy to help you understand French wine.

    Wine Tasting Classes in Paris

    Prepare yourself and gain more insight into the fantastic world of French wine in the best classes. You can take part in an introductory wine tasting class in Paris. The courses are run by professionals who have a lot of knowledge when it comes to wine tasting. You get to listen to their details of France’s grape varieties and the different winemaking regions in France. As part of this class, you get to pick up some tips on how to read French wine bottles, the relationship between the flavour and grape and how to sample French wine.

    What to Expect in a Parisian Wine Tasting Class

    You arrive at the wine tasting venue and meet the instructors, and in most cases it’s usually an experienced sommelier. The tasting classes are designed to improve your understanding of the finest French wines. The experts will describe where the wines are produced in France. You also get to understand the grape varieties that flourish in this regions and different flavours. Most importantly, you will understand how to pair the right wines with food. Parisian wine tasting should be part of your main plans if you are planning for a tour to Paris.